Why Blog???

Hello Makeup Lovers!!!!

So I started to think about doing a Makeup Blog about a year ago…..maybe even longer….(yikes) and I just never really had the time to commit to it.  I figured, if I was going to do a Blog-I wanted to REALLY do a Blog….and do it well.

It has been a CRAZY BUSY year, with weddings, clients, photo shoots etc. and things are finally starting to settle down (for now). So I thought now is my chance  to get my thoughts and ideas together and DO THIS once and for all!

For those of you who don’t know….I just came back from the IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) and what an amazing event it was (post coming soon).  I left the show with a HUGE smile on my face, amazing inspiration and knowledge from top MUAs in the industry, and of course a bag full of goodies 🙂

After meeting and mingling with such amazing, talented people, I was SUPER excited about my business and my LOVE for makeup and beauty!  I was (and am) so pumped and inspired to get this Blog off and running!

So without further ado—–TA DA! Here it is….hehe!

Some people might think and even ask….”why blog?” and to be honest, I asked myself “is anyone even going to read my blog?”  But I am doing this because I LOVE makeup, I love beauty, and I love helping women bring their inner beauty to the surface as well!

Within my blog you will find my personal tips and tricks when it comes to achieving certain looks, product reviews of my favourite (and maybe not so favourite) cosmetics, upcoming events or showcases I will be a part of,  a Q & A section, and of course my beautiful brides and clients I have the pleasure of working with….and oh so much more!
Thank you for taking the time and reading my blog….even thinking that one person is reading this means so much to me!
Please rate, review and comment on any posts you love or that have helped you out in any way!! I would truly appreciate your feedback.
Much Love,
-M, xo

2 thoughts on “Why Blog???

  1. Congrats Chell! you are doing some amazing things here and can only see BIG things for you in the future in this industry! keep doing what you love and the rest will come easy!

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