The 2012 Grammy Looks!!

My review of the 2012 Grammy Looks!!

The Good, the Bad and unfortunately….the Ugly!!!  eek.

Rihanna amped up the sex appeal with a Deep V plunging neckline, but keep an edgy 80’s grunge look with her makeup going a superdefined smudged  out black under eye and pale pink lipstick.

Nicki Minaj was all about definition with tons of facial contouring (some good-some not so good), extreme winged eyeliner, keeping her shadow to a minimum and of course her signature style- plenty of hot pink blush.

Lady Gaga – Beneath the netting, there was a lot of pretty makeup going on. She went retro with perfect red lips, winged eyeliner, and strong eyebrows.

Katy Perry’s popstar-pink lipstick and thick luscious lashes draw your eyes away from her  unconventional blue hair.

Adele was and always is classically beautiful with her signature cat eye, thick but beautiful liquid winged liner, full lashes and juicy retro red lips.  I absolutely adore Adele, her voice and her flawless beauty!

Kelly Rowland looked oh so glamorous with superlong lashes, lilac shadow, and hints of lavender and gold on her lips.

Taylor Swift moved away from the normal winged liner and red lips and opted for a more sublte and soft gold and petal pink makeup look.

Alicia Keys went sweet and simple with subtle gold-over-black eye makeup and dusty rose lip color.  Safe, and pretty but with those eyes she could have and should have glammed it up a bit more!

Country beauty Carrie Underwood wore lots of lashes to darken her look and draw your attention up from her pretty peach lip color.  Keeping in tune with the heavy eyes, light lips rule!

Model Amber Rose isn’t afraid to go bold when she hits the red carpet, and it was great to see a celebrity actually try (and pull off) orange lipstick!! I think Amber Rose is such a natural beauty!

Julianne Hough always makes girl-next-door look good, and at the Grammys, she was a master of understatement, with barely-there lip color and lashes that were long but still much more natural than most.

Ms. Stacey Ferguson (Fergie) wore soft orange-tinged shadow and lip gloss to complement her tangerine-hued gown. Me personally- I’m not a fan of the matchy matchy colour, but she can pull anything off with that face shape and bone structure!

Cyndi Lauper misses the mark this time…. It looks like she tried matching her makeup with her hair.  Wearing black eyeliner alongside white and lilac eye shadow. To warm things up a bit, she finished the look with gold-topped pink lipstick. No thanks…

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