Calendar Update!


**This post is specific to Brides looking to book for Saturday Weddings this year.**

Its been a few crazy busy booking weeks!! I LOVE it!

The Fergus Bridal show was held on this past Sunday and it was a great event.  I was fortunate enough to meet so many beautiful and excited Brides for both 2012 and 2013!!  I even had a bride come from out of town to meet me and book me for her wedding next year….awwww! So sweet! (and so organized 😉 )

That being said, I have had SO many inquires for this year that I am already booked for, and unfortunately have to turn down 😦    So I wanted to post a quick calendar update for you all!

At this time I am completely booked from March – August 2012!!

The only available dates left for Saturday Weddings in 2012 are:

May 5th

September 15th and  September 22nd

October 13th

If any of the above dates is YOUR wedding date and you have not booked yet – call today before your date is snatched up!!

Please note this availability is for Saturday Weddings only.  If you have a special event, photoshoot etc. that you require makeup for, please inquire as day, evening and Sunday appointments are still available!!

Friday night and Sunday Weddings are still open as well!

Please, tell me what you think...

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