Booked. Solid. (or so I thought!)

Happy Easter Monday!!!

I thought I should just give a quick update with regards to 2012 bookings!

2 weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely MOH and recently just booked my last bride for 2012…..or so I thought!! LOL I specifically only had September 15th, 2012 left as an open date and my newest Bride, Mandy Stein scooped that date up quickly!! With Mandy booking for September 15, 2012, my Saturday’s are officially booked solid for the rest of 2012!!! How amazing is that??? I am SOOO looking forward to working with all of my amazingly beautiful Brides this year 🙂

However….just when I think I am done booking for the year, Friday and Sunday Brides pop up left and right !! I LOVE a good ol’ non-traditional bride 🙂 Having been married on a Friday myself, I think its FABULOUS!!!

That being said, I just booked another Friday AND Sunday Bride for 2012 last week!!

So yes….“technically” I’m booked solid for 2012 but ladies, if you are planning a Weekday/Sunday wedding- Please contact me to request your date- it may still be available 🙂 and I’d LOVE to glam you up for your big day!!! .

Much love

M, xo

p.s. For all the 2012 Brides who have inquired and I am unfortunately already booked, Im sooo sorry 😦 I wish I had 10 hands so I could do it all!!…I hate having to turn down Brides- I think its time to hire an assistant!!

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