Love. Congrats. Kyra.

Being asked to work with people you know is not only an honour, but is always a Blast!

The beautiful bride Kyra was a fellow HHDA dancer with me for many many years!! When she asked me to do the makeup for her wedding I was SUPER excited!! I mean, I’m used to seeing her either super sweaty in the studio, or with intense blush and red lips on stage.  ;P

Needless to say, I was excited to GLAM her up for her wedding day!  She is such a beautiful girl so my job was pretty simple!!  For her Bridal look, we went with earth tones and neutral browns on her eyes, lined with a deep brown gel and soft brow.  Kyra loves her bronzer so we amped it up with beach bronzed skin and a natural, warm, rose on her lip!!  We finished it off with a pretty highlight swept across her cheek bone and fabulous lashes!!  Her final look was flawless beauty!!  Isn’t she stunning!? Seriously! Dave is one lucky dude!!

I hope to have more pictures from the blushing bride, but for now this is what her Photographer has shared so far!!

Thank you again Kyra for including me in your wedding prep. I had so much fun and shared a lot of laughs with your family and bridal party!!  Such a super chill group!!

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