Love. Congrats.Carrie

Um, are you kidding me. How gorgeous is she??

This time of year I ask all my brides from the past year to send me a few bridal photos so I can keep my portfolio up to date and change up the photos on my website etc. I normally only showcase two or three from their weddings because my brides usually only give me one or two photos, but Carrie sent me quite a few pictures from her August wedding, and I can’t help but share them all!

Seriously, how STUNNING is this Bride.  Glowing from the inside out.  Carrie is the sweetest girl I have ever met.  I met her at the Fergus Bridal show last February and she booked me on the spot. It was a great morning getting all the girls ready and glamming them up for Carrie’s big day! Even the rain that morning could not damper this beautiful bride!!!

I’m in LOVE with her photos, its insane.  Take a peek!

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