She Said YES! Linz & GF

I love proposals, I love diamonds, I love these two!!

My SS Lindsay recently got engaged to the love of her life and is planning their wedding for this November!! I am so excited, I can barely stand it!!  Linz and GF (Graham for short, lol) first dated in High School and were each others first loves, but they went their separate ways, as teenagers do…

The heart is a wonderful thing though, and will always find its way back home.

I love these two with all of my heart and soul, and I can not be more happy or excited that Linz gets her Happily Ever After!!  She is going to be SUCH a gorgeous Bride!

Take a look at their super fun and cute Engagement Session!!


Makeup – Michelle of Daisy Cosmetics
Hair – Kim of Daisy Cosmetics
Props & Rental – Sam of Blue Veil
Cake – Lee Ann of Made for You by Me
Photography – 
Flowers – Laura of Sweet Pea Floral Designs {website coming soon}


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