My Very Own Makeup Line!!!!


I am so excited to introduce my very own, very first makeup line “Juls” by Daisy Cosmetics!

I have wanted to start my own makeup line for a very long time, but I was not sure how to get started, and quite frankly, was very intimidated by the whole lab/testing/production process.  But….life is to short to “want” to do something, so I told myself, just go for it- make it happen!!

The name for my line was obvious….and the best I could think of ❤  Juls always believed in me, she always encouraged me to pursue all my dreams, and do what made me happy.

So far I have a small inventory of cosmetics to offer my clients, customers, and friends 🙂

I have personally selected all the shades and colours in my “Juls” line, and will be adding more products and colour choices once I get a feel for what might become best sellers, and what other products/colours people would like to see.  I welcome your feedback and comments!!

All products are:
• Made in Canada
• Hypoallergenic
• Fragrance free
• Allergy tested
• Non-comedogenic

You can find a price list for all my cosmetics here. I have all the products on display to test and purchase.  Please email me to set up a time to take a look at my new line 🙂

Thank you to everyone for the great support in following my dreams, one goal at a time!!

Much Love,

M, xo

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