How to Fix a Broken Eyeshadow

Ugh, there is nothing worse than coming home from travelling to find broken eye shadows in your palette 😦 It’s just the worst!! But holding onto broken eye shadows, blushes or even powders, can make a huge mess in your makeup bag.

Most people would just throw out their broken makeup and buy a new one, but in my opinion, that is totally unnecessary! You can fix it (for free) and make it good as new again!!!

Here is how I fixed my MAC eye shadow and how you can save yours as well!!


1. What you will need:

Paper towel, tweezers, zip lock baggie, rubbing alcohol, a quarter, and of course-your broken eye shadow.


2. Broken eye shadow…


3. Place the broken eye shadow in the the corner of the zip lock baggie to avoid a mess…


4. Use the end of the tweezers, and press it into the broken eye shadow to crush it even further… do not be afraid, its ok 🙂


5. Carefully remove the eye shadow from the baggie and place it on the paper towel. Do not tip it as it will be the consistency of loose powder…


6. Add 3-4 drops of rubbing alcohol directly into the pot until it is damp…


7. Wrap the quarter with paper towel, and be sure there are no folds or wrinkles in the paper towel…


8. Press and hold the quarter firmly into the eye shadow a few times to be sure it hardens, and leave it out to dry over night..


9. Good as new, and ready to use again!!


Side note: This is one of my favourite golden brown shadows!! It is called Romp, and was recently discontinued last year. As soon as I heard it was on the good bye list, I ordered a bunch to keep stocked up!! But even with a few extras in my kit, I couldn’t let this one go to waste!! Romp was rescued 🙂











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