Makeup Bag Clean Out!!!

spring-clean-makeup-bagHey Girls! Grab your make up bags as you read this post.  I am going to go through a bunch of cosmetics to see what has been lurking around in there for too long! Every type of cosmetic product has an expiration date (although you may not see it written anywhere). Using expired make up will cause break-outs, irritations and infections!

Below is the average lifespan of each particular product from the day you open it. But a good rule of thumb would be, if your make up smells funky or if its texture is oily and not how you first bought it, throw it out! Who knows what bacteria are living in there?! Now go through your products, and do not be afraid to throw them out!!  I know you spent your hard earned money on these products- but sanitation is important, especially due to the initimate nature of cosmetics on your skin!!

Product – Toss it…

• Mascara – Every three months – NO if, ands or buts!!
• Liquid Foundation – One year, the oils will seperate and will become very watery.
• Concealer – 12 – 18 months
• Powder – 18 months
• Blush/Bronzer – 18 months
• Cream blush – 12 – 18 months
• Eye shadow – 18 months
• Eyeliner – 18 months
• Liquid eyeliner – 6 months or earlier depending on texture
• Lipstick / lip gloss – 18 months
• Lip liner – One year

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