Favourite Look of the Grammy’s

One of my favourite things about watching awards shows is seeing the looks the celebrity’s choose for the night!   The beauty these women pull off (or should I say their makeup artists’ pull off)  never fails to disappoint.

I was going to only post 1 favourite look of the night…..but I just couldn’t decide….these two ladies rocked their makeup glam on the red carpet!!

katy-perry_GA katy-perry-grammys-covergirl-makeup

1. Katy Perry – My love affair with this girl continues to grow every. single. time. I see her!!  Her makeup is beautiful!  Flawless airbrushed dewy skin, the perfect plush set of lashes along precise black liner, bold brows and a soft pink pout to balance it all out! Ah- Love.


2. Kelly Osbourne – Completely opposite Katy but equally as gorgeous!  I love Kelly’s look, even the purple hair.  I mean if anyone is going to rock it- it’ll be Kelly O!  The boldness of her berry lip colour actually complements her intense liner! She got it right with minimal shadow and let the lips and liner do all the talking!

Some other honourable mentions who also looked stunning are:


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