Favourite Look of the Grammy’s

One of my favourite things about watching awards shows is seeing the looks the celebrity’s choose for the night!   The beauty these women pull off (or should I say their makeup artists’ pull off)  never fails to disappoint.

I was going to only post 1 favourite look of the night…..but I just couldn’t decide….these two ladies rocked their makeup glam on the red carpet!!

katy-perry_GA katy-perry-grammys-covergirl-makeup

1. Katy Perry – My love affair with this girl continues to grow every. single. time. I see her!!  Her makeup is beautiful!  Flawless airbrushed dewy skin, the perfect plush set of lashes along precise black liner, bold brows and a soft pink pout to balance it all out! Ah- Love.


2. Kelly Osbourne – Completely opposite Katy but equally as gorgeous!  I love Kelly’s look, even the purple hair.  I mean if anyone is going to rock it- it’ll be Kelly O!  The boldness of her berry lip colour actually complements her intense liner! She got it right with minimal shadow and let the lips and liner do all the talking!

Some other honourable mentions who also looked stunning are:


Makeup Bag Clean Out!!!

spring-clean-makeup-bagHey Girls! Grab your make up bags as you read this post.  I am going to go through a bunch of cosmetics to see what has been lurking around in there for too long! Every type of cosmetic product has an expiration date (although you may not see it written anywhere). Using expired make up will cause break-outs, irritations and infections!

Below is the average lifespan of each particular product from the day you open it. But a good rule of thumb would be, if your make up smells funky or if its texture is oily and not how you first bought it, throw it out! Who knows what bacteria are living in there?! Now go through your products, and do not be afraid to throw them out!!  I know you spent your hard earned money on these products- but sanitation is important, especially due to the initimate nature of cosmetics on your skin!!

Product – Toss it…

• Mascara – Every three months – NO if, ands or buts!!
• Liquid Foundation – One year, the oils will seperate and will become very watery.
• Concealer – 12 – 18 months
• Powder – 18 months
• Blush/Bronzer – 18 months
• Cream blush – 12 – 18 months
• Eye shadow – 18 months
• Eyeliner – 18 months
• Liquid eyeliner – 6 months or earlier depending on texture
• Lipstick / lip gloss – 18 months
• Lip liner – One year

Our First Feature!


I am very happy to say that one of our Engagement Shoots was featured on Canadian Wedding Blog, Champagne Sweets!!  This is my first ever big blog feature so I am kinda super excited about it 😉 Hopefully this will be the first of many more to come!

You can see the story and the feature by clickinghere!!!

We worked with such a cute couple on this shoot, and Devon was an absolute pleasure to do makeup on.   I did two different looks for her engagement shoot.  The first look was very soft, natural and innocent, very fitting her her personality and went with the vintage, rustic vibe of the shoot.  I then decided to spice it up a little bit for the second half of the shoot, and added more dimension and definition to her eyes, and opted for a bold lip  for a much more dramatic look.  She is such a stunning girl, and pulled it off effortlessly!!  

I also want to give a shout out to the other wedding professionals I worked with on this shoot.  We had a blast working together, and I am so happy with how the shoot turned out.  They all did a fabulous job!! Congrats ladies, you rock!!!


My Very Own Makeup Line!!!!


I am so excited to introduce my very own, very first makeup line “Juls” by Daisy Cosmetics!

I have wanted to start my own makeup line for a very long time, but I was not sure how to get started, and quite frankly, was very intimidated by the whole lab/testing/production process.  But….life is to short to “want” to do something, so I told myself, just go for it- make it happen!!

The name for my line was obvious….and the best I could think of ❤  Juls always believed in me, she always encouraged me to pursue all my dreams, and do what made me happy.

So far I have a small inventory of cosmetics to offer my clients, customers, and friends 🙂

I have personally selected all the shades and colours in my “Juls” line, and will be adding more products and colour choices once I get a feel for what might become best sellers, and what other products/colours people would like to see.  I welcome your feedback and comments!!

All products are:
• Made in Canada
• Hypoallergenic
• Fragrance free
• Allergy tested
• Non-comedogenic

You can find a price list for all my cosmetics here. I have all the products on display to test and purchase.  Please email me to set up a time to take a look at my new line 🙂

Thank you to everyone for the great support in following my dreams, one goal at a time!!

Much Love,

M, xo