Shop Online at Daisy Cosmetics

Just what you have all been waiting for!!!! (right? lol)

You can now shop all your favorite Daisy Cosmetics products online!!  If you are not already aware, I have started my own line of makeup Juls by Daisy Cosmetics, dedicated to my very best friend who passed away last August.

I have had a lot of requests from clients, friends and family who do not live in the area- to add an online store- and I have finally got around to completing the job and linking my products online!!

All you have to do is click here, or if you are on my website simply click on the “Shop Online”  tab!

There are a few different options for your order as well- so make sure you follow the steps carefully.  The following are options when checking out on the online store:

1.  Place an email order. This gives you the opportunity to shop and place your order online, but pick up and pay for the product in person.

2.  Order online, pay online, but save on shipping and pick up your order in person. (If you are local)

3.  For the out of towners – you can completely shop online, order, pay and have it shipped right to your door via Canada Post.

Happy Shopping Everyone!!!

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Thank you to all the ladies who contacted me to take advantage of my January Promotion, the appointments were booked very quickly, and am now booking into February for lash extensions!!

For more information, and FAQ’s please take a look at my website and click on Eyelash Extensions!!

Here is a peek at some of the Before and After pictures of my eyelash extensions!! They are pretty amazing!! I wish I could do them on myself 😛

To book your lash extension appointment, please email me at


About Micha Lash Extensions!!

Get the beautiful lashes you have always wanted! Eyelash extensions are the latest beauty trend that can enhance any woman’s beauty.

For everyday and special occasions, this treatment will help make you feel more beautiful, save you time getting ready in the morning, and will provide you with beautiful smudge and waterproof, dark long lashes.

Eyelash Extensions require professional application by a Micha Lash Certified Professional. Micha Lash Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent, natural looking lashes that are applied lash by lash to your own lashes and can last up to eight weeks. They are made of the finest quality materials that meet both Health Canada, FDA and European cosmetic standards.

This application is painless, comfortable and very relaxing. Many clients listen to music or even fall asleep during the application.

Each set of lashes is customized to suit your desired lash look by using a variety of lash lengths, widths and curls that will adhere properly to your natural lash. You can get a basic natural set, a full glam set, the cat eye look or even colors and crystals. The possibilities are endless!

Your natural lashes replenish themselves every 6-8 weeks. With proper maintenance and aftercare, your new extended lashes will last until the end of this cycle and will not damage or harm the growth of any new lashes; refills are suggested every 2 to 4 weeks.

Depending on your desired look the application can take anywhere from 1-2 hours. In the end, you will look amazing , with beautiful eyelashes that are water-proof, smudge-proof and sweat-proof.

Introducing- Eyelash Extensions!!

I am so excited to announce that Daisy Cosmetics is now offering Micha Lash- Eyelash Extensions!!!

I have wanted to get eyelash extensions myself for a long time.  I always wanted to try it, since I was blessed with very fine, light and SHORT natural eyelashes!  The thing is…. I never could bring myself to pay $250.00 for them!!

ANYWAY- Eyelash extensions were always in the back of my mind….thinking I wanted to get them done, and thinking – I could totally do that…..I should totally do that!!  So, when I saw the company, Micha Lash at the IMATS in November I had to get more information.  After watching the technicians performing the applications on site at the IMATS, my thoughts were confirmed…..I can totally do that, I basically already do for my brides who choose individual lashes for their weddings!  So I signed up for the training and am now a proud Professional Micha Lash Technician! YAY!  You can learn more about the Micha eyelash extensions here!

As noted above….I think $250.00 is just craziness for semi-permanent eyelashes, so you can find my pricing here or listed on my website here.

That being said, I am accepting new clients for lash extensions and thought I should start off with a fabulous promotion for my first 10 customers!! To learn about this promotion and take advantage of a great introduction price- click here!

Some photos of Micha Lash Extensions!