How to Fix a Broken Eyeshadow

Ugh, there is nothing worse than coming home from travelling to find broken eye shadows in your palette ūüė¶ It’s just the worst!! But holding onto broken eye shadows, blushes or even powders, can make a huge mess in your makeup bag.

Most people would just throw out their broken makeup and buy a new one, but in my opinion, that is totally unnecessary! You can fix it (for free) and make it good as new again!!!

Here is how I fixed my MAC eye shadow and how you can save yours as well!!


1. What you will need:

Paper towel, tweezers, zip lock baggie, rubbing alcohol, a quarter, and of course-your broken eye shadow.


2. Broken eye shadow…


3. Place the broken eye shadow in the the corner of the zip lock baggie to avoid a mess…


4. Use the end of the tweezers, and press it into the broken eye shadow to crush it even further… do not be afraid, its ok ūüôā


5. Carefully remove the eye shadow from the baggie and place it on the paper towel. Do not tip it as it will be the consistency of loose powder…


6. Add 3-4 drops of rubbing alcohol directly into the pot until it is damp…


7. Wrap the quarter with paper towel, and be sure there are no folds or wrinkles in the paper towel…


8. Press and hold the quarter firmly into the eye shadow a few times to be sure it hardens, and leave it out to dry over night..


9. Good as new, and ready to use again!!


Side note: This is one of my favourite golden brown shadows!! It is called Romp, and was recently discontinued last year. As soon as I heard it was on the good bye list, I ordered a bunch to keep stocked up!! But even with a few extras in my kit, I couldn’t let this one go to waste!! Romp was rescued ūüôā











Today’s Tip!

So instead of just posting quick tips on my facebook page and twitter, I thought I would start posting them on the blog, with a little more information, images and recommendations!

Today’s Tip:

Less is more!!  Pick the feature you want to play up (eyes or lips) and keep the rest of your look simple!

I am currently addicted a bold, bright lip and neutral eye!!  Specifically HOT PINK lips.  I just can not get enough of it.  Its perfect for summer, super easy to achieve and keeps your look fresh and on trend!

My absolute- most favourite – HOT PINK lipsticks are currently (mine of course) Daisy Cosmetics’ fushia lipstick in “Intoxicate”, or my full pigment lip gloss appropriately named “Hot Lips”¬†but¬†I am also loving the Kardashian Beauty – Joystick lip lacquer in ¬†“Shocking Pink”.

Some of my favourite hot pink lip looks at the moment are:

8f938c4a0c94ebd3_168284964.preview a9a08bec8590eb6f_alexis-bledel_Hot_Pink_Lips Gregg DeGuire f75028ac5e79e6fe_Hot-Pink-Lipstick.xxxlarge_0 image-156679kourtney-kardashian-pink-lipstick

You don’t have to just do pink, if that is not your thing!!! You can play around with any bold bright lip, as long as its paired with a neutral eye to keep your look balanced!

0529-kim-kardashian-red-lips-yellow-dress_bd bold-lips-and-natural-eye draft_lens19861222module162581860photo_1350665151 images

Beat the Heat

As the heat and humidity begin to take over the days of summer, I thought I would share my tips to beat the heat this summer and prevent melting makeup, sliding eyeliner, and supersticky lipstick.  In hot weather, applying your makeup should be as simple and comfy as putting on your favorite sun dress and flip-flops.  But the heat and humidity are a challenge, so you have to make a few little changes to your routine for keeping makeup looking fresh and pretty, even when the weather is working against you.

Prep your skin with a Primer.¬†You won’t regret the few seconds it will take to smooth on a primer, which goes on after moisturizer but before face makeup. Just like priming a wall or a canvas, your face primer provides a smooth base for your foundation. ¬†Face primers are incredibly light ‚ÄĒ they don’t feel at all like a heavy, additional layer ‚ÄĒ and they really help hold makeup in place. ¬†My recommendation for your summer primer ¬†is‚Äď Prep and Prime Skin.

Keep it light. ¬†Just as you switch your wardrobe from sweaters and jeans to summer dresses, swap out your heavy foundation for a light tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers provide a sheer formula that looks and feels lighter on the skin and are less likely to turn cakey on steamy days. ¬†My recommendation ‚Äď Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15.

Feeling a little too exposed?¬† Sometimes a tinted moisturizer does not provide you with the coverage you want‚Ķ in that case, I recommend brushing powder foundation over the tinted moisturizer in spots where you need a little extra coverage ‚ÄĒ say, on blemishes or areas of redness around your nose/mouth.

Believable¬†bronzer.¬† Bronzer can make or break your summer look.¬† The trick is to make your bronzer look ‚Äúbelievable‚ÄĚ.¬† The last thing you want is the orange face syndrome or the ‚Äúchin strap‚ÄĚ shade difference from face to neck.¬† To keep your skin looking fresh and natural, apply bronzer just to the high points of your face, where the sun naturally hits: forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose. (Covering every nook and cranny is what gives you that fake, orange, Snooki look.)

Another essential for keeping your bronzer believable; apply with a powder brush with long, loose, fluffy bristles.  Most people think they need to use a kabuki brush for their bronzer, but in fact the opposite is true.  Using a stiff bristled, densely packed brush will deposit too much color in one spot. My bronzer brush is the same as my powder brush- the MAC 129.

Stop shine. ¬† As the heat rises your face will start to show it.¬† An oily T-zone is the first sign you are stating to burn up.¬† To eliminate unsightly shine in seconds, nothing beats blotting papers. They’re cheap, easy, and convenient – you just press and go! I never leave the house without my blot film.¬†If you need to perk up your makeup too, blot first, then follow up with a light dusting of pressed powder on your T zone.

Switch to gloss. ¬†Heavy lip colours often feel like overkill once the weather warms up.¬† I prefer to use a simple lip tone gloss or tinted lip balms. They give you a simple, light color, and most even have SPF to protect you from the sun.¬† Two of my absolute favourites for the summer are – ¬†Cremesheen Glass in ‚ÄúDeelight‚ÄĚ , ‚ÄúJapeneese Spring‚ÄĚ or “Loud & Lovely” and Tinted Lip Confitioner SPF 15 in ‚ÄúPetting Pink‚ÄĚ.

Melt proof your eye makeup.   For longer-lasting eye makeup, avoid using eye cream on your lids (it can break down makeup), and smooth on an eye primer instead. I use an eye primer everyday!  (Bare Canvas is my fav)  It prevents your eye shadow from creasing, and creates a base for the shadow to cling to so it lasts longer and makes the colour more vibrant.  Once your shadow is set apply your regular eye liner pencil or gel liner.  To prevent it from smudging off in the heat, use a small angled brush and press the same shade (as your liner) shadow over the liner to set it for longer wear.

Waterproof your lashes. ¬†One of my favourite products is¬†waterproof¬†mascara. ¬†I don’t use anything else. ¬†ESPECIALLY¬†in the summer heat or laying by the pool, waterproof mascara is a no¬†brainier. ¬†If you are one of those people who “don’t like” waterproof mascara, you’re crazy,¬† give it another shot. ¬†Try the Zoom Waterfast Lash¬†for smudge proof super sexy lashes.¬†

2012 Spring/Summer Trends!!

Its time to freshen up your makeup bag with some of 2012’s Spring/Summer colours and trendy shades!!! ¬†My MAC masterclass is next weekend and I can not wait to pick up some fabulous new colours for this season!!

Carrying over from last fall/winter, the light, soft, fresh face returns this Spring/Summer. The warmer season brings warm, luminous faces with just a hint of color.  The focus of the season will be on soft eyes with sheer pastel colors and naturally shadowed brows; flush and rosy cheeks, metallic and sparkling shadows in lighter shades paired with soft pink, coral or nude shades on the lips.  The classic red lip is always in the now, and will continue throughout the Spring/Summer (paired only with a soft eye of course).

There will be bright, vibrant colors, of course, but will be toned-down versions of the neon shades that were hot last summer. Smoky eyes will return, but say good bye to black and charcoal shades and introduce the earth tone smoky eye colours to your makeup kit !! (Smoky Browns have always been my FAVOURITE!!)


Eye¬†shadow¬†will be kept soft this season!! Think pinks, nudes,¬†champagnes, and light pastels and will be lined with pastel shades of green, lavender, silver and soft baby blues. ¬†Silver and metallic shades are trending in eye shadow this season, but keep it soft and “barely there”, instead of thick and heavy!!


With the softness of this seasons eye colour trends, feel free to add a punch of colour to your pout!! Corals, Reds, (tinted) Oranges are all this years Lip trends.  No need to say good bye to your Niki Minaj Pink just yet, Soft pastel pinks are sticking around too.  Frosted/shimmery shades are taking a back seat this season, so when picking out your Spring/Summer colours go with a matte/lustre finish topped with a super shinny gloss.


For Spring/Summer the “almost bare”, fresh face is in!! Ditch the heavy foundations and double powder! ¬†Instead use a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer that matches your skin tone. Add a small amount of rosy pink or apricot blush to the apples of your cheeks for the perfect “naturally flushed” look. ¬†So soft. So Pretty.

Concealer- My BFF!!

As women, we are blessed with fluctuating hormones, which brings out redness, blemishes, and imperfections in our skin, specifically around our nose and mouth/chin. This, along with the naturally thin skin under and around our eyes is why every women, no matter your skin type, should use concealer.

Your concealer should always be¬†either¬†half a shade, one shade OR the same shade as your foundation. ¬†NEVER¬†buy a concealer that is more than one shade lighter then your foundation/skin tone. (I will show you why at the end of this post…)


I am a firm believer in using brushes for every¬†makeup product application….especially if you are doing makeup on another person….however….when I do my own concealer on myself, I must admit, I use my finger – Ugh, I know– ¬†But using your finger warms the concealer and makes applying it much easier. ¬†If you are going to use a brush- the one I use for my clients is the MAC 252.

When applying concealer under your eye, use your ring finger and gently smooth the product onto your skin.  The skin is so thin under your eyes, that if you rub the product into your skin you are more likely to break blood vessels underneath, which will in turn make your under eyes darker!!!  Start on the outside of your eye, then smooth the concealer under your eye to the inside corner.  Then take your concealer straight down to the base of your nose, and then back up on an angle to the outside corner of your eye where you started. You should have made a Triangle of concealer under your eye.  Smooth that lightly into the skin and blend outwards for a fresh, bright under eye application.

When trying to conceal a blemish that has a rough, dry exterior, be sure you moisturize the area first.  There is nothing worse than a dry blemish topped with concealer. YUCK! 

Corrective Concealer

There are coloured concealers for `corrective `purposes as well as skin tone concealers.

Yellow concealer Is used to conceal bluish bruises, dark browinish under-eye circles and mild red tones in the skin. Yellow concealer warms the skin tone and counteracts the discolouration.  It is a good idea to use a yellow  concealer to combat any `blue` tones in your skin.  For example if you have shadows and fine blood vessels near the surface of your skin.

Lavender concealer  Is used to normalize yellow-coloured skin imperfections such as sallow complexions and yellow-y green bruises. It can also help conceal very dark under-eye circles and dark spots on medium skin tones.  Purple concealer brightens dull and sallow skin.

Green concealer Is used to neutralize red tones in the skin. Its best to use a green concealer  for covering blemishes, zits, red blotches, rosacea etc.  Green concealer minimizes any unwanted red tones in the skin.

I know a lot of girls who use a concealer that is WAY too light for their skin tone…I understand the idea of them thinking it is brightening their under eye! Which in theory is true… if done correctly…with the right shade… it WILL brighten your eye.

BUT there are always the girls who go too far……this is what you DO NOT want ūüė¶ ¬† ¬† So sad. ¬†Poor Kim- she is a repeat offender, girl must not get enough sleep!