Concealer- My BFF!!

As women, we are blessed with fluctuating hormones, which brings out redness, blemishes, and imperfections in our skin, specifically around our nose and mouth/chin. This, along with the naturally thin skin under and around our eyes is why every women, no matter your skin type, should use concealer.

Your concealer should always be either half a shade, one shade OR the same shade as your foundation.  NEVER buy a concealer that is more than one shade lighter then your foundation/skin tone. (I will show you why at the end of this post…)


I am a firm believer in using brushes for every makeup product application….especially if you are doing makeup on another person….however….when I do my own concealer on myself, I must admit, I use my finger – Ugh, I know–  But using your finger warms the concealer and makes applying it much easier.  If you are going to use a brush- the one I use for my clients is the MAC 252.

When applying concealer under your eye, use your ring finger and gently smooth the product onto your skin.  The skin is so thin under your eyes, that if you rub the product into your skin you are more likely to break blood vessels underneath, which will in turn make your under eyes darker!!!  Start on the outside of your eye, then smooth the concealer under your eye to the inside corner.  Then take your concealer straight down to the base of your nose, and then back up on an angle to the outside corner of your eye where you started. You should have made a Triangle of concealer under your eye.  Smooth that lightly into the skin and blend outwards for a fresh, bright under eye application.

When trying to conceal a blemish that has a rough, dry exterior, be sure you moisturize the area first.  There is nothing worse than a dry blemish topped with concealer. YUCK! 

Corrective Concealer

There are coloured concealers for `corrective `purposes as well as skin tone concealers.

Yellow concealer Is used to conceal bluish bruises, dark browinish under-eye circles and mild red tones in the skin. Yellow concealer warms the skin tone and counteracts the discolouration.  It is a good idea to use a yellow  concealer to combat any `blue` tones in your skin.  For example if you have shadows and fine blood vessels near the surface of your skin.

Lavender concealer  Is used to normalize yellow-coloured skin imperfections such as sallow complexions and yellow-y green bruises. It can also help conceal very dark under-eye circles and dark spots on medium skin tones.  Purple concealer brightens dull and sallow skin.

Green concealer Is used to neutralize red tones in the skin. Its best to use a green concealer  for covering blemishes, zits, red blotches, rosacea etc.  Green concealer minimizes any unwanted red tones in the skin.

I know a lot of girls who use a concealer that is WAY too light for their skin tone…I understand the idea of them thinking it is brightening their under eye! Which in theory is true… if done correctly…with the right shade… it WILL brighten your eye.

BUT there are always the girls who go too far……this is what you DO NOT want 😦     So sad.  Poor Kim- she is a repeat offender, girl must not get enough sleep!