T’is the Season…ENGAGEMENTS!!

I LOVE this time of year…..not only because it’s Summer and my client’s weddings are in full bloom but also because it’s my other favourite season…..ENGAGEMENT SEASON!!!!

I don’t know if it’s just my age creeping up…or if there is something in the water around here but it seems like EVERYONE is getting engaged right now, and I couldn’t be MORE excited about it 🙂

For those of you who know me personally, or professionally,  you know how much I LOVE WEDDINGS….everything about them- from the proposal stories, to the planning, to the breathtaking bridal gowns, I LOVE it all!!! and  I love it even more when my friends are getting married!!            (Shout out to my BFF, Julie on her engagement, LOVE U, xo)

Sooo…. this brings me to the point of my blog post (…dont worry I was getting there…) with all these fabulous engagements happening left, right and center, my calendar is already starting to fill up for 2013!!!! (and 2014….can you believe how organized these brides are?) SO if you are lucky enough to be a recently engaged Bride-To-Be, don’t wait…..contact me today to book your wedding day makeup services!!!

I also want to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to all my new Brides and FRIENDS who now have a sparkly diamond to swoon over!!!!

Much Love

-M, xo