Star Quality!!

One of my all time favorite MAC products is the cremesheen glass!!! I use it for all of my clients and I personally don’t leave the house without it!!

It comes in a variety of shades and colours, so every time I do an order or go shopping at the actual store- I always pick up a new shade to try!!!

I just recently bought a new colour,“Star Quality”, and I LOVE it! I ordered it online so wasn’t completely sure about the colour (it never looks the same online as it does in person). However Star Quality is the perfect summer coral shade! It’s vibrant, without being too orange!

Check it out…and go pick one up yourself! It’s a fabulous colour to rock for the rest of the summer ūüôā


How to Get Plump Full Lips!

Because your lips are the most sensual feature on your face, almost everyone I know wants to¬†achieve the look of a full, plump¬†lip.¬† So I thought for my very first “Tips & Tricks” blog post, I would give you all my personal¬†tips to get the perfect pout!

As you know, I am a MAC Pro, so the products I use are all from MAC Cosmetics.  I will list the products I used to achieve the look throughout the post!

1. Start off by prepping your lips with a moisturizing primer to condition your lip skin.  My favourite is Prep and Prime Lip from MAC, but Burts Bees is also a really good wax primer.  *Bonus Tip- If you have dry flakey lips, when brushing your teeth in the morning and at night, brush your lips as well.  This will release any dry skin from the lip surface. 

2.¬†¬† Apply a cream colour base (Luna) just on the cupid’s bow of your upper lip to highlight and give a fuller look.¬† You can apply this with either your fingertip or a MAC 242 Shader brush.

3.¬† Once you have given your lips time to absorb both the moisturizer and the cream colour, grab your favourite lip liner (Pink Treat is mine).¬† Lip liner should be either nude in colour or match the shade of your lipstick; so if the lipstick fades, you are not walking around with just an outline of your lips showing.¬†¬†Lip liner¬†is essential to achieving the look of full lips.¬†¬†Do not be afraid ūüôā ¬†Start your liner at the cupid’s bow of your top lip (small v shape).¬† Gently feather the liner in small strokes outwards from the bow to the corner of your lip.¬† Repeat on the other side.¬† If you have narrow lips, you will want to place the liner just outside your natural lip line.¬† This will create the illusion of fuller lips once filled in with your lip colour.¬† Continue on the bottom¬†lip by starting at the middle of the lip and applying it lightly to the¬†outside corners. *Bonus Tip – For a darker, more fuller lip, blend the liner up¬†to the middle of¬†the lip.¬† Press into the lip with your fingertip to smooth the colour. This will also ensure your lipstick lasts longer.

4.¬† Relax your mouth so it opens slightly. You can apply your lipstick to your lips right from the tube, but to get a more precise, crisp, and saturated colour, try using a Lip Brush (MAC 318)¬†to¬†apply your Lipstick.¬†¬†My choice of colour is Syrup.¬† Start at the center of each lip working outwards to the corners of your mouth¬†to fill in the Lipstick. Lipstick should be inside the lip liner, not on the outside of the liner!¬† Be careful not to put color on the inside of the lips, you don’t want the Lipstick on your teeth.

5.¬† Last but not least, add plumpness and dimension to your lips by applying¬†a gloss all over.¬† Again, start in the center of your lips and apply outwards.¬† Concentrate the majority of the gloss to the middle of your lips, this will make your pout appear larger in the middle, and taper to the corners.¬†¬†Blot lips together for diffused edges. My personal favourite gloss¬†to use is the new¬†Cremesheen¬†gloss from MAC, specifically, Deelight.¬† It goes on sheer for a glassy look but has¬†a beautiful¬†tint of colour. Best thing about it- it’s NOT sticky!!! ūüôā