Introducing- Eyelash Extensions!!

I am so excited to announce that Daisy Cosmetics is now offering Micha Lash- Eyelash Extensions!!!

I have wanted to get eyelash extensions myself for a long time.  I always wanted to try it, since I was blessed with very fine, light and SHORT natural eyelashes!  The thing is…. I never could bring myself to pay $250.00 for them!!

ANYWAY- Eyelash extensions were always in the back of my mind….thinking I wanted to get them done, and thinking – I could totally do that…..I should totally do that!!  So, when I saw the company, Micha Lash at the IMATS in November I had to get more information.  After watching the technicians performing the applications on site at the IMATS, my thoughts were confirmed…..I can totally do that, I basically already do for my brides who choose individual lashes for their weddings!  So I signed up for the training and am now a proud Professional Micha Lash Technician! YAY!  You can learn more about the Micha eyelash extensions here!

As noted above….I think $250.00 is just craziness for semi-permanent eyelashes, so you can find my pricing here or listed on my website here.

That being said, I am accepting new clients for lash extensions and thought I should start off with a fabulous promotion for my first 10 customers!! To learn about this promotion and take advantage of a great introduction price- click here!

Some photos of Micha Lash Extensions!